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Meet Josh

Josh is a creative thinker, designer, information junkie (even more when it's made pretty), off center just enough to keep it interesting while striving to make the world a better experience for users. ...even if it has to be done pixel by pixel.

He brings eleven years of experience to his work. This goes back to Netscape, before Mozilla; when CSS was moderately supported; PHP was making inroads; and social was style drinks at the bar. He has thrived during this decade of retreat-growth-retreat through a few simple theories:

  • Work smart and consistently
  • Make Users happy
  • Fight for the Brand
  • Content is critical to success.
  • Create intuition

Summarizing this approach:
"Information solutions should make content elegant, useful, and easy to find."
See also: "Is it useful and easy to use?"

The result? Web experiences that are smart, service-oriented and speak to users' needs. Sites that are clean, well-designed and have a transparent sense of usability.

BioHistory in 303 Words

Josh began his path through this evolving digital world by falling in with the early Silicon Alley crowd and leaving traditional architecture behind. One year of freelance work finally lead to a full time job at a cool boutique agency, Blue Hypermedia. They were doing some good work and helping to establish the basics of current project structure. But then we were caught out on leverage when the bubble burst and I was one the move. Fortunately, I was able to hook up with a very talented Creative Director, Scott Mayhew, Corsair Studio. From Scott, he learned that success can come from applying process to achieve the goals of a creative vision.

From there, he located in New Orleans. Working freelance for some time, before joining up with an up-and-coming digital agency, Netcom, as Creative Director. It was a chance to put what was learned to test, push it, and learn more, all the while improving the quality of work. Under his efforts, the agency won numerous regional awards and grew financial. So all were happy.

And then a storm came through the city.

Another year and along comes an interesting opportunity to live in Australia for a couple of years. So off to Perth Australia. Enjoyed the beaches, the people, and the work. During the time down under, he was handed the reins of a struggling in house digital department of the area's largest traditional agency, Clemenger's Marketforce. Good work was put in with good results coming out. Winning multiple awards from national and international competitions.

Things were good in Australia, but the pull of working with the best once again was just too strong.

Now in New York, residing in Brooklyn, admiring how the industry gas matured over the years. He's meeting and greeting, looking for some interesting people. Tag him in.

Personal Bits

Josh enjoys working on his photography skills, collecting reds to drink next year, gardening, computers 'n stuff and has been awarded thumbs up from Americans and Aussie's alike on his Itunes music collection.

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